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, Milenković, D. D. , and Segedinac, M. D. 2016. The effect of systemic synthesis questions about students’ performance and significant studying in secondary organic chemistry teaching. Publisher name. http:// Original work posted dateShuhua, L. 2007. The night of midautumn competition N. K. Mao, Trans. 2014:2. Stamm 2010:13 describes compassion satisfaction as gratification obtained when doing one’s work exam the best of one’s means. Stamm 2010:13 reinforces that compassion satisfaction is the sensation of pleasure that results from ably executing one’s duties. When exam help pupil nurse capably adds care that contributes examination better health of the affected person, he or she feels happy and content material with the information and abilities that he or she is reaching in his or her nursing education. This in turn gives him or her increased morale examination work more durable so that she or he should proceed offering best nursing care exam the sufferers she or he is going examination look after. Therefore, it is vital examination know what causes compassion satisfaction so we’re able exam learn more about how examination advertise compassion satisfaction. 13 No. 3, p. 286. Introduction examination Qualitative Research 2004, accessible on PL Images/Content store/Sample chapter/9780632052844/001 025%5B1%5D. pdf. Janssens, M, Sels, L, Van den Brande, I and Overlaet, B 2003, Multiple types of psychologicalcontracts – exam help six cluster answer, Research Report, Department of Applied Economics, K.